Our exclusives romantic nights in bogota they are the best option on the market, we have comfortable and adequate facilities for an unforgettable experience.

At 5 Elements SPA & Wellness Center, we are experts in providing a unique and unmatched experience. We have highly qualified and certified staff to ensure a pleasant and professional experience like no other.


Every day, we welcome men, women, and couples who want to relax with our services at 5 Elements SPA. Each person has their own reasons, but they all seek a pleasurable experience that helps them recover from the stress accumulated day by day.

Sometimes, due to nerves or for any other reason, it is difficult to relax at the beginning of a . In these moments, you must remember that we are here to satisfy you, pamper you, and you have to let yourself go to be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

However, there are a number of tips that can help you relax and make the session flow smoothly. Here are three recommendations that you can put into practice before trying in bogota:

Time: Arrive early and do not occupy the time immediately after the service. If during the session you are going to be thinking about what you have to do next, you will not relax. Likewise, you will not arrive in the best conditions if you come running from somewhere else.

The will leave you in a state of serenity and rest, so it is convenient that the rest of the day you do not take care of stressful discomfort. Enjoy its effect throughout the day.

Hygiene: Surely you take it into account, but it is very important that you take care of your hygiene, out of respect for our staff and to avoid any uncomfortable situation. Be clean before coming to benefit from an excellent .

Clothes: We know you like to dress well, but you come to receive a service. You can do it with comfortable clothes. Avoid accessories.

Put these tips into practice and enjoy the different types of at 5 Elements SPA & Wellness Center. Above all, relax and forget everything that surrounds you, for the next few minutes.


At your request, we offer beautiful gift certificates for our packages in bogota. They can be sent directly to the person by mail or picked up at our Santa Barbara / Usaquen location. It is delivered in a wooden box with a personalized certificate that includes the name of the giver and the name of the recipient, plus a short message, giving it a magical touch.


-RELAXING MASSAGE: It is the typical massage to eliminate stress and tension from a hard day at work. It is applied to the whole body with emphasis on the back and the lower part of the neck slowly, with slow and long movements but with a firm and progressive pressure, its objective is to relieve stress and accumulated tension.

-VOLCANIC STONES MASSAGE: It is the relaxing massage together with the use of hot basalt stones. The stones are placed along the meridians to relax the muscles and restore harmony to the body. Then the massage therapist applies light pressure on the stones and they are used to massage the body. Relieves muscle tension and stress.

-BAMBOTHERAPY MASSAGE: Thousands of years ago, the Chinese observed that energy circulated through bamboo canes. That is how they applied it to the human body and discovered that in addition to performing a gentle massage, it helps activate the body's energy. This massage uses the elasticity and robustness of the bamboo trunks to transport you to a state of absolute relaxation capable of dissipating accumulated tension.

-DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Usually includes slow movements and friction, they are typically used in a medical or athletic facility. It involves a deeper intensity than normal massage and can be sore for a couple of days. This is normal to flush out toxins, increase range of motion, and eliminate muscle tension.

-REFLEXOLOGY: Although it is commonly known as a foot massage, reflexology is based on the theory of zone therapy, that is, that the different parts of the body are reflected in the soles of the feet and therefore, by massaging these parts, the organs, muscles or other parts of the body that need treatment are massaged reflexively, stimulating the self-healing mechanisms of the body itself.

-SPORTS MASSAGE AND PRE COMPETITION: Specifically designed with athletes in mind, sports massage is a variation on Swedish massage, focusing on ailments caused by repetitive motion, thus helping to activate receptors to quickly recover from stress and injury. Try it if: you play sports or perform physical activities frequently and want to keep your body in optimal condition.

-EXECUTIVE MASSAGE: This is a massage focused exclusively on the neck and back, providing rest and relief from bad postures. It normally lasts 30 minutes.


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